Experience Rafting with 7 friends and two qualified rafting instructors down the Tonegawa River. Season starts of the season from April to November. Experience one of the most exciting rivers in Japan big waves lots of water and heaps of fun the only company with DRYSUITS available.
Summer season starts from July till the Typhoon season comes in August occasionally water comes up please ring. Summer Rafting the waters warm, wetsuits available. Its time for fun in the water Jumping and playing and enjoying the outdoors in Minakami.
Lets together be Happy!!
The Guides are from all over the world the boss being Australian. English and Japanese available.

  • Half Day Minakami Rafting

Canoeing in Minakami

Canoe kayak, and friends, and family, and loved ones. From three years up to grandma, is a sport that can be enjoyed outdoors regardless of age. Rowing your own sense of refreshing progress. I can not visit in the car or walk, a nice holiday in the Lake "if also" a small Canadian Water!

  • Half Day Minakami Canoeing
  • One Day Minakami Canoeing
  • Aniversary Canoeing in Minakami
  • Kid's Adventure

Minakami Canyoning

In the valley, Dari jumped into the river, or slide down a waterfall, swim. Canyoning is a feeling that hot summer day! "Let's go to the river to play", you can enjoy Wai Wai. Since going down the river in one body wearing the equipment, try to "feel" literally, and the flow of the river, the cold of the rock and cool!

  • Half Day Minakami Canyoning

Minakami Rafting and Canoeing COMBO

A set of canoe and kayaking rafting tour day. Big hamburger lunch special is with ILOVE OUTDOORS. Also arrange for lodging, please consult your ILOVE OUTDOORS!

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