Minakami Canoe & Kayak

Get ready for an epic adventure on the Minakami canoe and kayak tours, set against the stunning backdrop of Dogen Lake! Tucked away along the Yukebumi Road from Minakami Town, this spot is fondly nicknamed the “Little Canada of Minakami” by our local guides. Picture yourself gliding across the lake’s surface like a water strider, soaking up the sunshine and the thrill of exploration. And when the wind dies down, get ready to be enchanted by the mesmerizing reflection of the forest and mountains on the calm waters below.

Feel the rush of paddling through the changing seasons, and make unforgettable memories in this hidden gem, accessible only to those with a sense of adventure. Whether you’re traveling by car or foot, Dogen Lake promises a holiday like no other.

But that’s not all! At I Love Outdoors Minakami, we’ve got you covered with a fleet of five different canoes and kayaks to choose from. Whether you’re into the classic Canadian canoe, powered by a single paddle, or prefer the stability of our recreational kayaks, propelled by a double paddle, we’ve got the perfect ride for you. Let’s paddle into adventure together!

Minakami Canoeing & Kayaking Adventures

Minakami Half Day
Canoeing & Kayaking Adventure

Grab your friends and family for some paddle-powered exploration on the lake! Canoeing and kayaking are perfect laid-back outdoor activities for everyone. Our qualified guide will lead the way, showing you a few secret spots along the journey.。

Minakami 1 Day
Canoeing & Kayaking Adventure

If you’ve got a big group and you’re craving some water sports or outdoor fun, our Minakami 1 Day Canoeing & Kayaking Adventure is just what you need. You’ll get to practice your paddling skills, explore a few hidden spots, and chow down on some homemade lunch and snacks. Plus, there’s plenty of water play and even water gun action to keep the excitement flowing!

What’s Canoeing? What’s Kayaking?

Canoeing and kayaking involve small boats designed for one to several people, usually powered by paddles known as “blades.” Although canoes and kayaks have distinct designs, paddle styles, and histories, they’re typically used interchangeably for recreation in Japan. Popular choices for recreational canoeing include the Canadian canoe and the kayak.