Minakami Rafting Adventures

Spring Minakami White Water Rafting

Minakami is THE spot for epic white water rafting adventures in the spring! It’s all about tapping into your thrill-seeking side and diving deep into nature for an unforgettable experience that’ll leave you feeling alive and ready for more.

Summer Minakami Rafting Adventure

Get ready to dive into the beauty of the Tonegawa River with our fully qualified rafting guides! With water levels just right for all ages, 6 and up, it’s the perfect adventure for the whole family. Plus, we spice things up with some playful rock jumping during the tour!

Minakami Lake Rafting Tour


Minakami Canyoning Trips

Minakami Canyoning Trip

Get ready to slide down waterfalls surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery and epic formations! Dive right into nature and leap, slide, climb, and splash into crystal-clear waters—all with our qualified guides leading the way!

Minakami Canoeing and Kayaking Adventure Tours

Minakami Half Day
Canoeing & Kayaking Adventure

Grab your friends and family for some paddle-powered exploration on the lake! Canoeing and kayaking are perfect laid-back outdoor activities for everyone. Our qualified guide will lead the way, showing you a few secret spots along the journey.

Minakami 1 Day
Canoeing & Kayaking Adventure

If you’ve got a big group and you’re craving some water sports or outdoor fun, our Minakami 1 Day Canoeing & Kayaking Adventure is just what you need. You’ll get to practice your paddling skills, explore a few hidden spots, and chow down on some homemade lunch and snacks. Plus, there’s plenty of water play and even water gun action to keep the excitement flowing!

Minakami Combo Tours

Minakami Rafting &Canyoning

Enjoy a full-day of adrenaline-pumping excitement with our extreme combo tour, featuring rafting and canyoning. Get ready for non-stop thrills!

Minakami Rafting & Canoeing/Kayaking Combo Adventure

An exciting blend of rafting for a little adrenaline rush and a leisurely canoe tour to enjoy nature at your own pace. Perfect for families with kids during the summer!

Minakami Canyoning &
Canoeing / Kayaking Combo Adventure

Experience the thrill of canyoning, where you become one with nature, and combine it with a relaxed canoe tour for some leisurely water play and nature observation. Dive deep into the wonders of Minakami’s nature!