What’s Rafting?

Rafting is all about hitting the rivers with your crew in inflatable rubber boats designed for 6 to 8 people. You’ll grab your oars or paddles, work together as a team to steer your rubber boat through the water, and dive into some seriously cool water adventures. From chill and easy rides to tackling wild rapids, there’s a rafting trip for everyone!

What’s Minakami Rafting Adventures

The thing about Minakami rafting is, in spring, you’ve got these insane rapids thanks to the snow melting down from Mount Tanigawa. Then, come summer, it’s all about kicking back with some gentle rafting in the lower water levels, soaking up the gorgeous views of the Tone River valley. No matter the season, whether you’re a kid or all grown up, you can really get lost in nature’s charm here. It’s just the ticket for when you’re itching to uncover a new side of yourself, tighten those bonds with your crew, pals, or fam, get that adrenaline pumping, and spice up your life with some epic adventures.

April – September
3.5 hours
Best for…
and family during summer season

Minakami Rafting Adventures

Minakami White Water Rafting

During Minakami rafting in spring, get ready for some seriously thrilling white-water action, courtesy of the snowmelt from Mount Tanigawa. Picture this: with the majestic Mount Tanigawa towering in the background, you’re all set for an adrenaline-pumping adventure through intense rapids.
It’s just what you need if you’re an active soul looking to explore new horizons, bond with your crew or buddies, chase that thrill, and add some excitement to your life through unforgettable adventures.

Minakami Summer Rafting

During Minakami rafting in summer, you’re in for some chill vibes with gentle rafting tours on the Tone River, where the water levels are a bit lower. You’ll hit some mildly exciting rapids along the way and even get to splash around with river play, like taking a leap into the water. This tour is just the ticket for folks who aren’t big swimmers, aren’t super into physical stuff, or even for kids to join in without a fuss.



The Minakami rafting tours offered by I Love Outdoors are led by veteran guides with over 30 years of rafting experience. These guides diligently monitor the river conditions to ensure safety before embarking on the tours. If the river conditions or weather become unfavorable and compromise safety, the tour may be canceled to prioritize customer safety. Additionally, our rafting guides, who are licensed and have experience navigating world-class rapids, undergo essential training before each season under the supervision of seasoned guides.

The History of Minakami Rafting

The history of Minakami rafting is relatively recent, with Japanese guides introduced around the 1980s by guides from New Zealand. Nowadays, Minakami is known as a place where you can enjoy world-class rafting, attracting various rafting tour companies and outdoor enthusiasts from the Kanto region who visit every season.

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