What’s Canyoning?

Canyoning is an extreme and exhilarating river adventure that takes you deep into the heart of a canyon, where you’ll swim, rappel using ropes, slide down natural chutes, and leap into refreshing waterfalls. It’s a totally unique outdoor experience that brings you up close and personal with the wonders of nature. Get ready to dive in!

Minakami Canyoning

Minakami is just a quick 90-minute jaunt from Tokyo, making it the ultimate spot to dive into canyoning and immerse yourself in nature’s wonders. At Fox Canyon, you’ll find a plethora of activities, including an epic 20-meter waterfall slide. Tucked away in the depths of the canyon, you’ll be treated to jaw-dropping views of rugged rock formations and pristine nature. With easy access that gets your heart racing from the moment you step off the bus, it’s guaranteed to be an adventure of a lifetime, making your holiday absolutely unforgettable!

April – September

3.5 hours

Best for…
Families, friends of groups who want to go a thrilling adventure with wild swimming, sliding and jumping into the waterfalls.
Let’s slide down a 20m waterfall!
Minakami Canyoning Trip
8,000 yen
Age 6 and the above
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Tour Details

Set TimeJuly 13th – September 1
Morning Tour:8:30
Afternoon Tour 1:11:30
Afternoon Tour 2:14:30

Periods other than those mentioned above:
Morning Tour: 8:50am
Afternoon Tour: 12:50pm
Tour End TimeJuly 13th – September 1
Morning Tour:11:30
Afternoon Tour 1:14:30
Afternoon Tour 2:17:30

Periods other than those mentioned above:
Morning Tour: 12:00pm
Afternoon Tour: 4:00pm
Meeting Point169-1 Kanosawa,Minakami, Tone-gun, 379-1611, Gunma
・1 minute walk from Minakami Station
・15 minutes from Minakami I.C. by car

Check the location on Google Maps
Included the priceGuide fee / Insurance / Tour Equipments (drysuit or wet suit / life jacket / helmet / wet shoes/ Harness
持ち物Swimsuit / Towel
年齢6 years old and above
*Depending upon water level, the above age limitation will be changed.
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Tour Flow

  1. Check-in

    Arrive at our base, check in and fill in the document for your adventure.

  2. Get changed

    Getting changed into your wetsuit/drysuit and boots at the changing room, and equipped a lifejacket, a harness and a helmet.

    We have a safety box at the changing room.

  3. Tour Briefing and Safety Talk

    Your guide will explain tour brief and give a safety explanation. Please listen carefully and follow the rules. Minakami Canyoning Trip take places in the canyon. Understanding the rule and obeying it will prevent any incidents.

  4. Getting Today’s Start Point

    Now that it’s time to move to the starting point. We are located the finest place, it won’t take time to get to the starting point.

  5. Start

    Recap the safety rules and It’s time to set off your adventure!

  6. Back to the Base

    After getting changed, we explain how to download your tour photos for free. You can download them at your convenience.

    Enjoy our special lunch or snacks at I LOVE OUTDOORS cafe and have a relax and lovely time with your friends.

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Booking Policy

Payment MethodPlease pay your tour fee by cash on the tour day or bank transfer beforehand.
If you prefer to transfer money for payment, please ensure that you will complete payment 4 days before your tour.

Please also ensure that you fill your full name and date of tour when transfering.
Bank Account Detail is as follows.

Name of Bank: Gunma Bank
Branch: Minakami(213)
Account Number: (Futsu)0352906
Account Name:  Kabushiki Kaisha I Love Outdoors Japan
Cancelation FeeA cancelation fee will be charged if you canceled a booked tour. Please note we will not charge a cancelation fee if cancelation was caused due to bad weather or high water level assessed by I Love Outdoors.

7 days before a tour:30% of the fee
3 days before〜the day before:50% of the fee
On the day:100% of the fee
InsuranceA rafting tour is conducted in the nature. As an outdoor sports, there are inherent risks with weather and environmental factors.

Our professional guides are all trained in their given fields and in rescue techniques to pre see the worse possible outcomes and to make the right possible choices to show our customers the best possible tour and the safest possible tour in the outdoors of Japan.

The given rafting fee also covers insurance fee for safety reasons.
Risk ManagementA rafting tour is conducted in the nature. Therefore, our tours might not be carried out as planned influenced by weather and environmental factors.

Primarily, water level in the river and weather is a crucial factor to conduct our tour safely. If our guide made a decision of a cancelation, a full refund will be given.

No alcohol and no drugs before your tour.
Please do not participate if you are pregnant.

Please let us know if you have any injuries. We will let you know if you are suitable to participate a tour.
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