Nature Cafe

After your outdoor tour, come visit the I Love Nature Café located on the 2nd floor of the I Love Outdoors Building! This cheerful and vibrant café was personally created by the owner, who envisioned a place filled with happiness.

Relax and enjoy a delightful time watching tour videos, chatting with your family and friends. We have a menu designed to satisfy your cravings, featuring homemade Aussie-style hamburgers, fish & chips, homemade cookies, and more.


Mains & Sides Menu

Big Fish & Chips:¥1,000-
Grassy’s Mega Burger &Chips:¥1,400-
Mega Fish Burger & Chips:¥1,200-
Aloha Burger & Chips:¥1,000-
Vegetable Burger & Chips:¥1,000-

Drinks Menu

《British Ale》London Pride:¥600-
《British Ale》Golden Pride:¥600-
《British Ale》London Porter:¥600-
《Lager》Asahi / Kirin:¥500-
《Soft Drinks》:¥300-